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When you go for your heart the mind is gonna scare you out of it. We as a collective have been programmed into fear. And that’s completely ok because we didn’t know any better. I didn’t know that I didn’t have to be in fear in this new world. I forgot to tell my mind that we don’t need protection like we use to from maybe some lion chasing us. We live in a new wonderful connected world we just are so afraid because this new world pushes us to become more intimate with ourselves and others.

We are suffering from intimacy dysfunction. We are so afraid to be soft and gentle with each other because we fear the bark. If I become vulnerable then I’m opening myself up to be abused. That’s not completely true because we as humans are loving and deeply connected at our true core. We just lost our connection to self over the clouds of fear. So we are learning how to be a human being.

We are re-learning to be clear how to be who we already are. That’s why many teachers of energy speak of everything is already here merely waiting for our awareness of it. But because we become stagnant and resistant to all of life we cut ourselves off from source. Not that we can actually separate ourselves from source but we have the power of mind to keep us inside the illusion feeling like it’s very real.

Fear can be real and can effect our lives in reality yes but what I am learning is it doesn’t effect me unless I give it that power to be real. I’m afraid to be intimate with myself thus causing a divide in my divinity. My divine self loves me unconditionally and deeply so it allows me to play in the illusion without getting in the way of my experience. It knows I will always come back home.

So the only time I’m really waiting for is to reconnect with my core and to consistently stay there until it becomes a habit. Once it becomes a habit I call this auto zen. I no longer even have to think about being present or doing any type of outer work to bring myself back to peace. Because peace never is outside or never leaves me. I fall hard because my powerful freewill and consciousness decided to divide myself due to the fear of believing the outer chaos is a real reality so I fall back to sleep until I decide to reawaken.

We are merely going to bed and waking up each day. Things will transform when we love and touch ourselves so deeply we never have to go back to sleep. Because sleep is merely the souls way to give your heart a break from the disruptive mind. Once we decide to stay deeply rooted inside our core we no longer need rest from our chaotic mind because the natural peace will always be here to supply us abundantly.

With warm cuddles and butterflies,

Denny Morales



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Denny Morales

Denny Morales

I enjoy expressing my love for the deeper essence that pumps our natural world. Who we really are is the goal to reach. And these are my words reaching that.