Do you know that if you were to give $1 million dollars to every human on the planet, eventually that money would still end up within the top 1% of the richest people?

How is it that some of us are able to create and enjoy our biggest dreams and aspirations while some struggle just to put gas in their vehicles? We all generally have the same access to the internet and knowledge. So why is it that only a few of us are able to convert that information into an energy that can be exchanged through banks?

It’s not about a corrupt system or not enough resources…

It’s all about mindset.

It’s about what we have been programmed to believe about money.

Regardless of how you were raised, you do have the power to change your circumstances and beliefs.

The key element is to have the proper guidance into looking at the self-inflicted cycles of past trauma and old habits. We need to learn how to unlayer and move into these programs before we escape into our addictions. We need to locate and nurture the trauma with the proper environment.

How can you create a healthy environment to be able to begin unlayering these deeply rooted, traumatic events that hold us back?


My blogs are a never ending mini experience of my adventures in building my dream. I express for me to reflect and see what is working and what isn’t working. So please don’t take anything I say literally. If anything feels aligned feel free to email me: and ask about my 6 week consulting program that will guide you through building your dreams and together we can support each other’s journey.

To Miracles, and joy in your journey,

Denny Morales



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Denny Morales

Denny Morales

I enjoy expressing my love for the deeper essence that pumps our natural world. Who we really are is the goal to reach. And these are my words reaching that.